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A real estate short sale transaction allows you to sell your home on the market – even if you don’t
have equity. The definition of equity is: A net financial interest in property ownership. You’ll need a
professional real estate broker/agent who is specifically trained to perform a short sale, because your
broker/agent will be negotiating, for your benefit, a discount of the total balance due of your
mortgage note with your lender.

This is a great solution for many homeowners because it allows them to get out from under the
debt, walk away with head held high, and save credit scores from incredible damage of a
“foreclosure” rating.

Westland Realty Services has valuable information to assist homeowners who are having financial
difficulties with their mortgage.  This powerful seminar will give you information that will help you in
making the right decision concerning your home.  Short sales are never easy and they are very time
consuming.  But the more you understand the principles of the short sale, the more piece of mind
you will have.  

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