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  • Purchases

  •     In California and nationally       

  • Sales

  •     In California and nationally

  • Residential – for primary residence or second home

  • Short Sales through out the US

  • Land Purchases

  • Manufactured Homes

  • Income Property

  • Commercial Property –
        whether it be multiple units, office building, high rise, shopping
        centers or vacant land

  • Church Purchases

  • Foreclosure Assistance

Westland Realty Services can refer you to lenders who can provide the  following services:

  • Loans for first time buyers

  • FHA Loans

  • Conventional Loans

  • Construction Loans

  • Land Loans

  • Church Loans

  • Refinancing

  • Equity Loans
Westland Realty Services is
aware that each real estate
transaction is different, we
can accommodate you with
any real estate situation.  

Westland Realty Services
has successfully
implemented a service to
assist people with their real
estate and short sale
needs. We give you peace
of mind, knowing that your
real estate transaction is
being handled in a
professional and expedient
manner. We give you
updates throughout the
transaction via email or

Opening of Escrow with a
reputable escrow company
and working closely with
them ensuring that the
transaction closes in a
timely manner.

We can accommodate you
with appraisal services,
with a company that has
proven to be effective in
reporting the true market

We will work hand in hand
with you regardless of how
complicated the real estate
transaction may be. We
have the knowledge, the
patience and the skills to
make it happen.  

Westland Realty Services  
thoroughly understands
that transactions between
some parties may be a bit
difficult and must be
handled with care and in a
professional manner. Our
transactions are always
confidential and would not
be discussed with any
outside parties. By utilizing
our services, it can and will
be a great benefit to you.  

Our country is facing
financial difficulties that
most Americans have no
control of.  We strongly
suggest that you review
your financial situation
with care.   Westland can
not predict when our
country will be financially
strong again.  But, you can
believe it will get better.  
All Americans must work
together for the future of
our Country and the
younger generation by
making sound financial

We look forward to
working with you!
Westland Realty Services strives to provide
excellent customer service whether it be for
purchases or sales in preparing your purchase
agreements and gathering all necessary
documents and disclosures.

We pride ourselves on staying in constant
communication with the buyers, sellers or
Short Sale lenders in each real estate
We have the experience to deal with any real estate transaction:
If you are an investor, you know how stressful and time consuming it can be looking for income
property.  We have a program to assist in purchasing distressed properties.  If you find yourself
looking for investment properties, whether it is apartment buildings, a shopping center or a second
home, in California or out of state - Westland Realty Services can assist you.  

  • Foreclosures
  • Distressed Properties
  • Owners who want to walk away

Westland can be your eyes in finding the income property that you are looking for.  We make it
simple and easy.  Contact us today!  
Investment Properties