About Us
Westland Realty Services
Located in Torrance, California, Westland Realty Services is a full service real estate  company.  Westland is a company that prides itself
on meeting the clients’ needs and going that extra mile to assist them with their real estate transactions.  The real estate vendor
services provided include mortgage financing, title insurance, property valuation/appraisals, homeowners insurance and escrow services.  
We pledge uncompromising service and professionalism in servicing our clients now and in the future.

Our company has the ability to structure any type of real estate transaction, purchases and short sales for residential and commercial
properties.    Westland Realty Services  possesses all of the tools for success including a highly experienced management team, the
latest in technology, extensive training, best available mortgage vendors, aggressive marketing programs and a top-notch real estate
team.   At Westland Realty Services, we are striving to build a "best in class" operation and always seek individuals to work with us who
have an entrepreneurial spirit, integrity and a customer service focus.

The mission at Westland Realty Services is to be a leading provider in the real estate industry. We will accomplish this mission by 1)
ensuring that every employee contributes to the success of the company and enjoys the rewards of that success 2) providing friendly
and knowledgeable service and 3) focusing on our core values of respect, trust, integrity, innovation, pride and competition.