Westland Realty Services is a full service real estate company located in Torrance, California.  Westland Realty Services is a unique  real
estate company with years of experience.  Through trial and error Westland has grown to be very efficient in structuring its method of
doing business.  Our company understands that you as a client depend on us to give you the best service and advice that is possible.  
There are so many other companies that you could choose from.  We think integrity and experience in finalizing your real estate needs,
in a professional and timely manner; is all we can offer you.  We thoroughly understand the crisis our country is going through in the
financial and real estate markets.  The technology and business practice used to default the real estate market can no longer be used.  
Real Estate and Mortgage companies have been divided into two separate groups for the protection of the consumers, but yet they
continue to work hand and hand under regulated guidelines.    

Our purpose is to reach out to people to make you aware of the services that we have to offer.  We offer you the best in real estate
services.  We are confident that our services will be beneficial to you.  We are providing for your review a brief outline of the unique
services that we have structured to assist you in accomplishing your real estate needs.

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns that you may have.  Looking forward to working with you.

We are certain if given the opportunity; that you will be completely satisfied with our results.
Westland Realty Services
Who We Are